(A overlay digital sketch of Elizabeth Bennet portrayed by Keira Knightley) <something I worked on before.

Hi Friends~ I’m on a hiatus. T_T

REASON: THESIS. Yes, I’m currently working up on my thesis.. After this I’ll be a college grad!

I am super thankful to those who pass by this blog and somehow appreciate my works. Really I am.

Right now, I need utter focus. (<yeahright) haha. I’m in no right mind to blog. I kinda lost touch with it :( So hopefully after everything, I will try to restart! Soon~

Wishing you guys well. Especially to those few yet special followers :)

Oooh btw, my thesis is photography~ haha. Something I anticipate and will blog about it after everything ^^ 

BYE For noW~ Be back sooooooooon


[PhotoDiary] Monochromatic Double Vision

This weekend, I did some photos which involve Double Exposure in Black&White.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying myself with the outcomes of Double/Multiple Exposure.

I find it abstract and fascinating.
People may think, “so what, they can do that in PhotoShop.”

But I think it’s something else, it’s better when it is in the actual moment that you have taken it.

I know mine is not much Legit as it is because I’m using a Digital SLR.. and it would have been more awesome if I did it with
a film camera.. then there’s the dark room development and shizz.

How I’d wish it was.. But still, for me they’re worth the shot. :D

Liam Aiken [News 2012]


I’m so glad to hear some cool news from this tumblr blog > http://misterliamaiken.tumblr.com/ that Liam Aiken is in some new projects this year!


He previously starred in a few episodes of the recently cancelled show “A Gifted Man”. Aww too bad.

But he is in these interesting movies as follows:

Nor’easter [credits to David Lowery]

Electrick Children [credits to mappealws]


Girls Against Boys


Liam’s Manlier than ever and I fell in love with him even more! I’m so looking forward in all his work!!