J.Y.J – Ayy Girl MV

credits to fernyj90
OMG!!! Although they look like girls, especially Micky, I can’t stop myself! Sexy!! My Jaejoong is so HOT! Wahaha. It’s nice to know they’re singing english. Anyway, I’m sad, it’s not TVXQ. And why Kanye West? :D


A Cassiopeian’s Plea

Last time, I was listening to my iPod and I was also meditating. The music changed from party songs to senti songs, most specifically to the song; “Holding Back the Tears” by TVXQ. As I hear the korean lyrics and attempt to translate it with my own feelings, I remember the day when I read the news that they will be suspending their group activities for now and go on solo careers temporarily. I couldn’t help but weep. How I wish to see them altogether soon! X(

I also remembered on how I started to become a TVXQ fan. It was the 2008 Mnet Music Awards. I watched it on Arirang and luckily I get to see their performance. I learned their songs and watched their MVs on Youtube. Later on I watched some variety shows and their  Banjun Dramas. I became an addict, not passing a week without a full TVXQ update. Continue reading