Music Bank: Comebacks Galore~(100514)

Goodness oh~ I love KBS World. Even though it’s not subbed at least it is LIVE!!! Weeee. I had some fancams but I guess I won’t be sharing them since they’re a little crappy. I just shot them straight from our TV. LOL. So I took out some from Youtube with credits of course.

Anyway, I waited like an hour for SuJu’s comeback. Boy, there were so many comebacks~~~ 8Eight, Lee Jung Hyun, Gummy & Davichi. So many full-powered performances from Lee Hyori, Rain, f(x), & 2PM.

Here’s a little interview from 2PM before their performance. I think they were obviously thanking the fans for their support and making them number One the past week… No- Subs. Sorry, I’m not into translating yet~~ please bear with me. :D Junho-oppa!!! Men’s Hairband lol.

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[TuningIn] Reversal of Fate 다 줄거야 – KDrama

Twenty-seven years ago, Bo-yeong Kang started her career as a teacher in a small village. She met Jung-kil Kong , who seemed like a respectable gentleman and their relationship developed into a romantic relationship. Jung-kil even promised to marry her at some point and, not long after, Bo-yeong became pregnant with his child. Continue reading

Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2: Who is the True Ace?

Honestly. I do not know yet. The true ace. LOL. (It was only the first part)

I’m happy even though our KBS World here in the Philippines airs late episodes of almost every show from SK. LOL. Yesterday, 5PM, I watched Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2. It was a Special Episode since they gathered all the “Aces” from all the previous challenges. I guess. Honestly, I was hyperventilating to see who pops out of the screen. Kekeke.

So the Dream Team members for this episode were:

1.) Choi Minho of SHINee – well, as we all know, he’s been in all the Season 2 Episodes and the participants often mistake him more as an MC and not part of the team, LOL. Minho wins a lot in the challenges! He hates to lose! He never gives up! Wooo. I love his athletic side~ His pride never goes down, He’s one dedicated person! ;) I think his rival is always Sangchu of Mighty Mouth. Kekeke. (He won in the first challenge “Catch Up Race” beating Sangchu.)

2PM's Junho shares a laugh with Minho-oppa

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