Infinite’s Woo Hyun ♥ Hearts

I notice that Woo Hyun always poses with a Heart Sign. I think it’s very cute and sweet. That only means he wants to show loads of Love to his fans! Saranghae WooHyun Oppa! ;3

photo taken from AsianFanatics, edited by me.


Infatuations Return to Me

So the first two words in the title was tweeted on my Twitter and now I made a Blog out of it. :)

I know how it Feels. XD

Oh Golly. I don’t know what to say but recently this week I’ve went on recalling some persons whom I felt such sweetness with before. Yes, my past crushes kept appearing unto me. I’d say many have changed. I’d never thought I would be liking them again. As I have theorized! They are like a Cold! Haha. And now I have it. I think it’s a very sweet reminder of how innocent I am when it comes to Love. :))