[ComicCraze] Chinen and the Beret

Still watching Scrap Teacher.. Last night I watched episode 4 and 5. I super love episode 5!!! Kyaaa. It is like Chinen’s special episode~ plus I love the beret part. Keke. I even made a crappy comic for it. Check it out!

Sorry for the lack of dialog and proper screen caps. Haha. It’s my first time. LOL I just simple love these parts!!!


[FaceOff] Chinen Yuuri Vs. Justin Bieber

Another FAN PAGE I saw in Facebook a week ago.

I mean seriously? Of all people, haha, Chinen versus Justin Bieber? Actually, it made me laugh. Bias of me, I choose Chinen!!!! Ahahahaha.

The admin of that fan page is a recently added friend of mine who’s actually a HSJ fan and a Japanese too. LOL. Such idea she had in mind. Until now people are fighting off to who’s the best. Haha. I wonder who will win?? Vote now! ;)

[UPDATE] My first contest photo BTW:::

Who is the Ultimate Sleeping Cutie?

[New Love] Hey! Say! JUMP

I could also call them “All-Boys Adorable” because they are so Kawaii!

I’ve heard a great deal about this Japanese Boy Band before but I didn’t take the chance of researching about them. *I only know Yuya because of Gokusen though* Since I am super bored with my summer and it seems like I’ve only been focused too much on KPOP, I decided to check this JPOP act. Continue reading