[PhotoDiary] Monochromatic Double Vision

This weekend, I did some photos which involve Double Exposure in Black&White.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying myself with the outcomes of Double/Multiple Exposure.

I find it abstract and fascinating.
People may think, “so what, they can do that in PhotoShop.”

But I think it’s something else, it’s better when it is in the actual moment that you have taken it.

I know mine is not much Legit as it is because I’m using a Digital SLR.. and it would have been more awesome if I did it with
a film camera.. then there’s the dark room development and shizz.

How I’d wish it was.. But still, for me they’re worth the shot. :D


[PhotoDiary] One Thomasian Afternoon

This morning, before heading to class, I decided to bring DeeChan <my camera>. How I miss using her~ for I haven’t been in the Photography scene for the past week due to our examinations. Anyway, after class, my friends and I had our Photoshoot. We decided to go around UST to find anything unusual, interesting or just basically simple so that we could practice our skills. (But it’s nothing new, sometimes it can be just the “same old, same old” pictures) I guess.

I was always interested in capturing the Sky because I love it! :D So here are some shots, I also included the UST’s Main Building :)) (Had some minor touch ups with Photoshop)

Here’s a BW version:

And these two below are Macro shots:

The little guy is hanging from a Spider’s web string. It was so hard to focus!! And it was so tiny!

Now there you have it! So yeah, I’m still not good enough >_< But I hope you find my shots interesting. Comments are highly appreciated!! :D Need to practice more. ‘Til here for now~ :3