Fun Meme


from: Morning Coffee

One word, and only one word, so here goes!

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it’s No Other than Super Junior!

YouTube Video uploaded by UnknownCarrot120

HOORAY! I’m so Happy for their new Song!! XD I love their performance here~~ Donghae is adorable as always! My Kyuhyun is getting hotter as ever!!! Yesungie, stop showing your chest! It’s melting me! Sungminnie’s got nice biceps! Wooo. I don’t like Wookie’s hair here. :| Haha. Heechul’s blond hair and white hat.. Perfect! ^^ Eeteuk’s gone simple but hot! Haha. Kyaa. Eunhyuk in his outfit, jjang!

Overall, the song is quite good. It’s different from the genre SuJu would perform. I heart it!! :D I can’t to see more of their performance! :)