[Manga] Ouran High School Host Club: Final

OMG! My friend just gave me the link to the final chapter of Ouran!!! Waaa. I was so unprepared. I can’t believe my favorite manga is done! Continue reading


[Manga] Kimi ni Todoke

I have been noticing this manga for months now but I didn’t dare to read it before maybe because I was so busy with the other mangas that I’m still reading. Anyway, when I finally got my hands into it, I was instantly hooked. The drawings, the character and the story! I love them. It’s not like any other wherein Love just jumps in. In this manga, it really has stages which anticipate me so much. Sigh.

I dare say, Sawako mostly known as Sadako is indeed a very beautiful girl. She reminds me of Sunako of The Wallflower but she’s more soft. She’s trying very hard to reach her goals and I like her motto: “A good deed a day”. She’s also very PURE and INNOCENT. I can’t wait for her personality and confidence to bloom. ^^ Continue reading