Liam Aiken [News 2012]


I’m so glad to hear some cool news from this tumblr blog >┬áthat Liam Aiken is in some new projects this year!


He previously starred in a few episodes of the recently cancelled show “A Gifted Man”. Aww too bad.

But he is in these interesting movies as follows:

Nor’easter [credits to David Lowery]

Electrick Children [credits to mappealws]


Girls Against Boys


Liam’s Manlier than ever and I fell in love with him even more! I’m so looking forward in all his work!!


Hooray for the New ‘Beastly’ Trailer

I AM SO HAPPY and that I Could FINALLY Breathe. Haha *I Know it’s over-acting but I can’t help it*

I am dying to see this Movie but before that I’d read the book First! :)

Funny story, I’m a fan of this Movie on its Facebook Page and they posted this challenge wherein there should be at least 50,ooo Likes so they could release the new trailer. I Went on begging some of my friends to like it and just within 3 days, the fruits of labor have been gathered!! I was so surprised!

What more if the movie was to be released! So excited I could die! :))