Neophyte SAI

It’s not Oekaki but yeah, I miss doing Oekaki!! I used Paint Tool SAI finally! Hahaha. With matching use of my Tablet.. and mouse.. :)) Continue reading



When I was in 3rd year high school, I had this idea of making a “sort of an Anime show”. Haha. Even though I am not yet familiar with animations. So, in the end, I made up some characters for an undeveloped story which is temporarily titled, “FairiesUnlimited”.

FairiesUnlimited is a fantasy story. In the magical land of Eutopia, fairies live and possess such unique and powerful magic. They are in allegiance with Heaven, for they are created by God. There came a time when Evil Spirits started invading Eutopia and steal the fairies’ powers. The heavenly angels, with God’s command, help in saving their fairy friends so that peace and order shall be restored once again. Continue reading