[Obsession] Nam Woo Hyun

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[Another Love] Miura Haruma

I forgot to share that I also like this Kare here. Kekeke. Miura Haruma! Ta-da! ;) Continue reading


S*uce catches my Attention

While watching LuxuryChannel, they featured another wonderful store which is called S*uce. I saw the stuffs there and they were beautiful. S*uce reminded me of JustG. I hope they’ll have a shop here in the Philippines. I’m so gonna buy their clothes! I love that kind of fashion!

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MICA: a taste of great Friendship.

I’d never thought I’d experience such happiness. This happiness which I found in three different persons. Yes, these three special friends help me in forming a wonderful friendship. MICA. ;)

It was September 11, 2009. Exactly the day, Americans commemorate the 9/11 attack. We were aware of that but we paid more attention to our classmates, Momy Lei and Ate Zy’s Birthday. ^^ Somehow that day was an ordinary schooling day. Right after class, we decided to eat out and the rest of stuffs followed. Soon, it’s most likely 8-9 months since we’ve been treasuring our bond and we hope to celebrate it continuously. Continue reading