[December] Ten Things I Like Right Now

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[November] Ten Things I Like Right Now

9gag.com (I guess will always be on the list)

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[PhotoDiary] Shooting Day @ Intramuros

(Stolen Shot by my Good Friend, Cyril. With our “model” Ayish)

We had this little project for our friend. So we needed to have some shooting done.

At first I just really wanted the location to be at UST. But it seems that the authorities didn’t permit us to do so.

I was afraid to go to Intramuros due to the fact that the “No Shoot Policy” was being implemented.

But Gosh, A miracle happened on the 30th of November, which was last Wednesday.

A Protest was held by a Photography group and declared an Open shoot in Intramuros.

We decided to “join” for the sake to pursue our shoot.

When we came there, so far it went smoothly.

Until in the middle part, a “Guardia Sibil” came to us and asked what our little project was. We told him it was for a birthday thing and nothing else: nothing like “Commercial Photography”.

He let us go. Thank you so much!

It was like a 2-hour shoot. I guess I was kind of satisfied with all the shots and the scenes.

We packed up and decided to eat lunch.

(Here’s a shot I took somewhere near the Manila Cathedral)

Before riding the jeepney, we finally encountered the real Protesters. They were wearing Black shirts which has words which read: “PhotoWalk Intramuros 11.30.11” Something like that.

I kinda want one. :>

They were really like enjoying and ignoring the guards and all. They keep on taking pictures. Just exploring, walking around the Intramuros.

About this day. I was really frustrated about the said Policy. I mean it was still so very much UNFAIR. Especially for a student like me who takes Photography in her course. :( Also, I’m no threat, I’m just gonna use it for hobby and stuff.


I just wished that they would properly sort out this policy. I don’t wanna pay like 2000Php for a mere photo or for keepsake. I don’t wanna “pretend-tourist” anymore. :(