[FaceOff] Kyuu vs Yankumi: Similarities?

From my point of view, I think there are some similarities between these two characters mentioned above. Continue reading


Asia Myx, all right!

The title Asia Myx says it all. Philippines finally gets a dose of all the pop music made exclusively by Asian artists. I mean in a way that Filipinos don’t have to tune in the PC all the time, they can now see them on TV. When I first watched their show, they featured artists like 4Minute and, recently, Super Junior. I thought that would be the regular way of the show but I’m surprised that it’s like MTV Asia only squeezed into bite size. Hehe.

I think VJ Chino suits being the VJ. He has the looks. :)) And he has a fun way of delivering the news about the artists. I’m really glad~~ and I’m really looking forward more to this show.

pictures credits: MYX PHILIPPINES Facebook.

Jedward cheers Me up

I recently saw this video on MTV and I’d say they’re  some fun and talented twins! I love when the “Ice Ice Baby” made an entrance to the music. It got me all giggly and dancin’ on my seat! Haha.

That’s a lot of back-up dancers but the twins still stand-out! Vanilla Ice! Haha

Hmm. Maybe when I get upset, I might as well cheer up myself with this song! :D Btw, love the boys’ hair Haha!

[New Love] Hey! Say! JUMP

I could also call them “All-Boys Adorable” because they are so Kawaii!

I’ve heard a great deal about this Japanese Boy Band before but I didn’t take the chance of researching about them. *I only know Yuya because of Gokusen though* Since I am super bored with my summer and it seems like I’ve only been focused too much on KPOP, I decided to check this JPOP act. Continue reading