[TuningIn] Reversal of Fate 다 줄거야 – KDrama

Twenty-seven years ago, Bo-yeong Kang started her career as a teacher in a small village. She met Jung-kil Kong , who seemed like a respectable gentleman and their relationship developed into a romantic relationship. Jung-kil even promised to marry her at some point and, not long after, Bo-yeong became pregnant with his child. Continue reading


Favorite Korean Drama OSTs

I want to share to you guys my favorite OSTs from various Korean Dramas/Sitcoms I have watched. ^^ It’s fun you know to favor such songs especially when they fit great scenes and make them more unforgettable. So here are a few of them.

Spring Waltz

One Love by Loveholic

Suho’s Angel 수호천사 by S.Jin

Flower by U-Na

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Han Hyo Joo: “Hot Guy Magnet”

Do you guys agree with my title? hehe. LOL.
To all Han Hyo Joo fans out there, do you agree?

It seems four years and a half already since she debuted to the entertainment scene. I just got to say she is very lucky! Especially, when it comes to her roles and her co-stars! This is where the “Hot Guy Magnet” comes in…
[note: Hot Guy can mean: cute, handsome, appealing, popular, etc] Continue reading