[OekakiMode] YO~

Yo~ Minna/Yeorobun ~ -_- retromicha here.. I’m super duper bored right now [it seems as always I am bored]. I made another Oekaki from ShiPainter. Slowly but surely, I’m getting used to it. Sigh.

I just learned that I’m gonna be alone in my weekends when college days come~ Oh well.~~ Independent life is coming true. ^^

Anyway, can anyone name my new Oekaki?? Kekeke. My Pen can sometimes be uncooperative.. HMM.

Also there’s this new Face Off in Facebook: before was Chinen Yuuri, now it’s Yamada Ryosuke versus Justine Bieber! Hahaha. Again HSJ members still won~~ Weee. It’s super biased I tell you! Kekeke. Sorry Bieber fans. :D

What I’m looking forward to the rest of May::: the comeback of SUJU today in Music Bank, will watch in TV; the 4th SUJU album; the Beret in YRYS; my Beastly Book; my Laptop and moving in to my dorm.. :D Good luck to me~~~

‘Til here~~ Ja Ne~ Anyeong~


[New Love] Hey! Say! JUMP

I could also call them “All-Boys Adorable” because they are so Kawaii!

I’ve heard a great deal about this Japanese Boy Band before but I didn’t take the chance of researching about them. *I only know Yuya because of Gokusen though* Since I am super bored with my summer and it seems like I’ve only been focused too much on KPOP, I decided to check this JPOP act. Continue reading