[Creations] Introducing… Figaro!

May 22, 2010

Super busy the past days, I didn’t have much time to blog because I’m getting ready for college? Hahaha. Honestly, I had nothing much to blog. I have heaps of drawings in my room already, waiting for them to be scanned! Hahaha. So lazy. -_-

Anyway, click for the image to enlarge and please read the “Artist’s Comment”. ^^


Puricute: Ultra Kawaii Images

I saw this website called puricute.com where you can make pics that look like were taken in a Japanese photo booth. I love it. I hope they add more frames and stickers. ;)

Here’s an experimental Kekeke. MICA
PuriCute! Continue reading

MICA: a taste of great Friendship.

I’d never thought I’d experience such happiness. This happiness which I found in three different persons. Yes, these three special friends help me in forming a wonderful friendship. MICA. ;)

It was September 11, 2009. Exactly the day, Americans commemorate the 9/11 attack. We were aware of that but we paid more attention to our classmates, Momy Lei and Ate Zy’s Birthday. ^^ Somehow that day was an ordinary schooling day. Right after class, we decided to eat out and the rest of stuffs followed. Soon, it’s most likely 8-9 months since we’ve been treasuring our bond and we hope to celebrate it continuously. Continue reading