[PhotoDiary] Random Post :D

I am well adjusted with my small crib and of course with my roomies. Week 2. I seek for vanity that’s why I kept using Nashee’s LG phone. Haha. Continue reading


First Week at UST

[ENTRIES from my MIND]

Hello!!! retromicha here~ ^^ It seems I can’t get enough of updating about myself. It’s been a week. I wanna share my life at UST and how I survived and changed. Here’s a little diary with some pictures to make you interested…

June 15

It wasn’t the official start of classes. It was the official start of the school year! I met up with my friends: Ayish, Emil, Momy Lei, Cyril and Ate Zy. We attended the Mass for the Holy Spirit (I remember attending this mass at high school). It was superb though we didn’t expect that this mass was intended for the faculty and that we have to like sneak in and join the crowded church. ^^ I love the choir and the orchestra. I hear angels above our heads. Afterwards, Cyril and I went to our building, Beato Angelico, to check it out. Then we went back to the big “UST” sign and had some wacky photoshoots. We went to TriNoma to go “gala” and eat our lunch. We had a contest to see who’s got the cheapest lunch and sadly, Ate Zy, Emil and I didn’t win. Haha. Then we really did make “gala” around and pictures. I had fun. At first I was guilty of not telling my parents but when I texted them, it was ok for them. We got home safely. I think this would be the only day we’d be gimmicking. We have to get serious for college!

At the "T"

We Wanted to Play!


June 16

This is it!! I was really nervous this time! Continue reading

[FaceOff] SNSD vs Nathalie Makoma

So the past year SNSD released the song “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” which topped charts for around three months of promotion. I learned from AllKpop that a Dutch Singer, namely Nathalie Makoma, made her version of the song.

I think both versions are great. Even though they have different lyrics and meaning behind the song. ^^ This is for my mini-Face off :D