[Creations] Introducing… Figaro!

May 22, 2010

Super busy the past days, I didn’t have much time to blog because I’m getting ready for college? Hahaha. Honestly, I had nothing much to blog. I have heaps of drawings in my room already, waiting for them to be scanned! Hahaha. So lazy. -_-

Anyway, click for the image to enlarge and please read the “Artist’s Comment”. ^^


[PhotoDiary] My Collection – Part One

Today, I’m wanna share to you guys my Ultimate Collection! :D

These things maybe little but I’m already proud of it no matter what! This is the the Part One of my Collection. Anyway enjoy and check out the story behind each item. It’s fun to know about it. ;) Don’t forget to share your thoughts!

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MICA: a taste of great Friendship.

I’d never thought I’d experience such happiness. This happiness which I found in three different persons. Yes, these three special friends help me in forming a wonderful friendship. MICA. ;)

It was September 11, 2009. Exactly the day, Americans commemorate the 9/11 attack. We were aware of that but we paid more attention to our classmates, Momy Lei and Ate Zy’s Birthday. ^^ Somehow that day was an ordinary schooling day. Right after class, we decided to eat out and the rest of stuffs followed. Soon, it’s most likely 8-9 months since we’ve been treasuring our bond and we hope to celebrate it continuously. Continue reading