[Creations] Introducing… Figaro!

May 22, 2010

Super busy the past days, I didn’t have much time to blog because I’m getting ready for college? Hahaha. Honestly, I had nothing much to blog. I have heaps of drawings in my room already, waiting for them to be scanned! Hahaha. So lazy. -_-

Anyway, click for the image to enlarge and please read the “Artist’s Comment”. ^^


[PhotoDiary] f(x)’s Sulli drawn be Me.

When I watched Music Bank last Friday, I saw f(x)’s Performance with their addictive song, NU ABO. I like it very much especially Sulli who was so cute with her singing and her outfit! Because of that, I decided to render a version of her through my hands.

Do you like it? :D I made some changes and added some accessories. Her hair was down in the performance, I made it up just like in the MV Lachata. I even put make up. LOL

I used patterns for her skirt and leggings. ^^ Her shoes are a bit out of my idea. LOL I tried as much as possible to match her printed blouse to the actual one. :D

Well, there you have it. Another part of my 2010 Gallery Creations. ~ Leave a comment please…

[ComicCraze] Chinen and the Beret

Still watching Scrap Teacher.. Last night I watched episode 4 and 5. I super love episode 5!!! Kyaaa. It is like Chinen’s special episode~ plus I love the beret part. Keke. I even made a crappy comic for it. Check it out!

Sorry for the lack of dialog and proper screen caps. Haha. It’s my first time. LOL I just simple love these parts!!!