(A overlay digital sketch of Elizabeth Bennet portrayed by Keira Knightley) <something I worked on before.

Hi Friends~ I’m on a hiatus. T_T

REASON: THESIS. Yes, I’m currently working up on my thesis.. After this I’ll be a college grad!

I am super thankful to those who pass by this blog and somehow appreciate my works. Really I am.

Right now, I need utter focus. (<yeahright) haha. I’m in no right mind to blog. I kinda lost touch with it :( So hopefully after everything, I will try to restart! Soon~

Wishing you guys well. Especially to those few yet special followers :)

Oooh btw, my thesis is photography~ haha. Something I anticipate and will blog about it after everything ^^ 

BYE For noW~ Be back sooooooooon