Super Junior: From Gee to Chu~ (Heechul as “SulHee”)

I may not be in Taiwan or Malaysia or even here at the Philippines that time but I’m happy to see that Super Junior parodied another girl group and their song. Kekeke. f(x)’s Chu~.

I’m so happy and I laughed so much! They were so cute! Kekeke. I love how they imitated f(x). JJANG!

Ryeowook as Luna – He’s so Kawaii and pretty! ^^

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Kyuhyun: Super Show 2. Manila, Philippines.

Some cool videos I found in YouTube. I still regret of not attending. T.T

KYA KYUHYUN~ Fancams from fellow ELFs.

*Kyuhyun kisses a fan on the hand! So LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!* MARRY ME!

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