Glee: Mother and Daughter

I watched the Glee episode where Jollibee was shown and to my surprise Idina Menzel was there. Finally, I’ve been waiting. But honestly, I’m not that much updated with Glee. I love the episode. I didn’t have second thoughts on who’s Idina’s daughter in Glee because Idina and Lea had a strong resemblance between them. I so love their duet! Their story as mother and daughter is heart-warming.

btw, my info might not be that accurate. :D


[Creations] Introducing… Figaro!

May 22, 2010

Super busy the past days, I didn’t have much time to blog because I’m getting ready for college? Hahaha. Honestly, I had nothing much to blog. I have heaps of drawings in my room already, waiting for them to be scanned! Hahaha. So lazy. -_-

Anyway, click for the image to enlarge and please read the “Artist’s Comment”. ^^


[Creations] Effeminate Music Lover.

May 19, 2010. I love imagining stuffs and because of that I have created a new art.

Ta-dah! The Effeminate Music Lover.

click to Enlarge. :D

I am so thrilled after finishing this! Daisuki dayo!!! ~comments, thanks!


[OekakiMode] Self Portrait

Another try out for the Shi Painter. It’s a Self Portrait, Chibi Style. ^^ I finally used some layers. My problem is still the same.. Coloring and Shading. But I’m practicing with my mechanical pencil almost everyday, leaving me a very tired hand. -_-

This Chibi Self-Portrait will be somehow my official character that I will insert to my drawings, in a small corner of the paper as “Artist’s Comment”.

Yesterday, I drew 3 characters! I can’t wait to scan more of my improving drawings. Hooray for the hands~ though not drawn on the computer. I’m getting better with drawing hands.  >_<

Here for now. :D


Hit Girl is Awesome! XD

Totally Kick-Ass! Oh yeah~ We just saw Kick-Ass the movie and I found a new favorite super hero!! HIT GIRL! Continue reading


[PhotoDiary] Hey! Say! JUMP endorsers of hair accessories??

credits to ren via AsianFanatics


Haha. I saw this pic in Asian Fanatics and it made me laugh. What a great way to get girls to buy those hair clips! HSJ sure is reliable~ LOL. Now I want one of those especially from Yamada-kun or Chinen-kun!! Kekeke. Yuya looks cute with the floral clips~ It would be better if they all wore long wigs Hahaha. Kyaaaa. XD ‘Nuff said.