[PhotoDiary] Up Above a Wedding


My cousin got married yesterday.

I wasn’t an official photographer but I found a great perspective to offer for the newly weds :) Continue reading


[PhotoDiary] Caleruega: A Retreat Special

I finally had my Thomasian Retreat @ Caleruega Retreat House, Nasugbu, Batangas, PH

Together with 3AD2 and 3 other sections, we went through sessions of becoming one with God. Continue reading


[PhotoDiary] Monochromatic Double Vision

This weekend, I did some photos which involve Double Exposure in Black&White.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying myself with the outcomes of Double/Multiple Exposure.

I find it abstract and fascinating.
People may think, “so what, they can do that in PhotoShop.”

But I think it’s something else, it’s better when it is in the actual moment that you have taken it.

I know mine is not much Legit as it is because I’m using a Digital SLR.. and it would have been more awesome if I did it with
a film camera.. then there’s the dark room development and shizz.

How I’d wish it was.. But still, for me they’re worth the shot. :D


[VideoDiary] The Lunchmates (005)

The Lunchmates (005) – Opening Title from Almira Tenioso on Vimeo.




[May] Ten Things I Like

Tom Hiddleston *the guy i’m looking forward to*

Okay so yeah it all started with The Avengers, but he didn’t catch my eye from the first time. But there was definitely something about him. His evilness. Whohoho. *I’m Talking about Loki* Continue reading


[April] Ten Things I Like

KIMBRA (!!!) Continue reading