[Another Love] Miura Haruma

I forgot to share that I also like this Kare here. Kekeke. Miura Haruma! Ta-da! ;)

I saw him in Gokusen 3 and honestly my first impression was bad. :( Because I thought he’s just one of those ugly delinquents and his hair makes me sick. LOL. Anyway, those all changed when gradually I noticed he wasn’t that bad at all. With all the episodes in Gokusen 3, I think I fell for him with his cuteness. Kekeke. He’s like Kame. Sigh.

The great hair, The Beauty Spot on his chin, The Flawless White Skin..KYAA. LOL

# Name: 三浦春馬
# Name (romaji): Miura Haruma
# Profession: Actor and singer
# Birthdate: 1990-Apr-05
# Birthplace: Ibaraki, Japan
# Height: 178cm
# Weight: 63kg
# Star sign: Aries
# Blood type: AB
# Talent agency: Amuse

Another thing is, I saw him in Koizora starring with Yui Aragaki. I like the story even though it’s a little bit unpleasant. I don’t dig his bleached hair there. I cried when he “died” in the movie. :( I want to see Blood Monday though I don’t have the right amount of time to watch all the dramas on my list.

Picture collection from my multiply. credits to AsianFanatics..


3 comments on “[Another Love] Miura Haruma

  1. Frances anne m. padolina says:

    hi, i live here in the Philippines i wish i can see you in person your so handsome and cute i really really like your voice ………:)))) oh! my God i think i become crazy because of you

  2. cute kawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaii
    daisuki sooooooki 

  3. kiyahimeko says:

    He is Kazehaya Shouta in Kimi ni Todoke live action.. ^^ love him too.. <3

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