Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies 2: Eva.

So again, I’m always tuned in KBS every afternoon to see what great show there would be. I managed to watch Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies Season 2, the last time I saw this show was last early 2009! Kekeke. Anyway, so the ladies like Christina (Italian) and Bianca (US) were still there. I’m surprised to see Eva (English-Japanese) there and now with a longer hair.

I knew about Eva in Super Junior Full House 2006. She was so pretty in short hair. I remember that Donghae, Kangin and Siwon would fight for her attention. Kekeke. Anyway, this is just another sharing. ^^


One comment on “Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies 2: Eva.

  1. Taki says:

    You use to be my favorite but I have to critique you; you are becoming way tooo fat. You wear far to much strong makeup, you are already pretty.

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