Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2: Who is the True Ace?

Honestly. I do not know yet. The true ace. LOL. (It was only the first part)

I’m happy even though our KBS World here in the Philippines airs late episodes of almost every show from SK. LOL. Yesterday, 5PM, I watched Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2. It was a Special Episode since they gathered all the “Aces” from all the previous challenges. I guess. Honestly, I was hyperventilating to see who pops out of the screen. Kekeke.

So the Dream Team members for this episode were:

1.) Choi Minho of SHINee – well, as we all know, he’s been in all the Season 2 Episodes and the participants often mistake him more as an MC and not part of the team, LOL. Minho wins a lot in the challenges! He hates to lose! He never gives up! Wooo. I love his athletic side~ His pride never goes down, He’s one dedicated person! ;) I think his rival is always Sangchu of Mighty Mouth. Kekeke. (He won in the first challenge “Catch Up Race” beating Sangchu.)

2PM's Junho shares a laugh with Minho-oppa

2.) SuJu’s Eunhyuk – I didn’t know he was in the Dream Team, I didn’t get to watch an episode where he first showed up. T.T Anyway, I’m happy! He keeps the atmosphere of the show lively and lets my Suju Fangirling come out. LOL. My fave part about him is that HE WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BY MINHO! Hahaha. Go Eunhyukie! He really wants to beat his dongsaeng badly. There was even a “ranking game” where he is the first placer, while Minho won’t even get the last place instead the MC will get it hahaha. SO MEAN! And then he eavesdrop at Minho’s ranking. I’m quite surprised that he’s very agile. :D

With Junho and Sangchu.

3.) 2PM’s Lee Junho – I saw him already in the previous episode, though I can’t remember what it was. Anyway, such a cutie and quite humble. He tries his best very much and he never lets his fans down. He’s got a great body,  kekeke. (Hmm. Seems he has more pics)

OOPS! during the Half Pipe Run - but he's the winner! ;)



4.) Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu – I’m always amazed by Sangchu whenever he shows his powerful moves. He is so “Astig” (cool). His big body helps a lot in those strenuous activities. He made a lot of records already and a few of them beat Minho in the process. Aww. In this episode, he won the 3rd challenge which was the “Sandbag Jump” wherein he got a record of 5.3m!

The Rivals*

5.) Danny An (g.o.d) – The dreamy captain of the Dream Team. He was in Season 1, 10 years ago! Anyway, he’s also a dedicated athlete. He’s a very good example for a captain to his members. ^^ For me, he’s quite good-looking and I sometimes laugh at his mistakes. LOL. Forgive me. Kekeke. But still, go Danny! :D


6.) Lee Sang In – He’s a former Dream Team Ace but due to aging his skills are quite minimized. I’m amazed at him during the “Sandbag Jump”, I guess he still got it! I do not know him actually. LOL

7.) Jeong Seokwon – A Martial Arts Master. I also don’t know him LOL. But he likes to complain.. joking. He dances funnily.

8.) FTTS Brian Joo – It was my first time to witness Brian’s super Crazy side! He likes to speak random English words like “Man!” “You hate me?!” “Where’s my Bolja? (hat)” and he kids around with Sangchu and Eunhyuk but mostly with Sangchu. That reminds me, Eunhyuk once imitated Brian in one  Thailand commercial. Kekeke. During the episode, he even has his own Sexy Dance. I can’t stop laughing with all his complaints and goofing around. Blaming Eunhyuk and everything. LOL (He’s at the bottom rank though) Haha.


Brian cuddles with Eunhyuk. Haha

Sigh. I can’t wait for the second part. *Patiently waits for the Part 2 to air on TV* Kekeke. I Wonder, who’s the True Ace?


I found out that these familiars also participated to get into the Dream Team!

Song Joong Ki

SS501's Kim Hyun Joong

FT Island's Lee Hongki


Sharings: I saw this last month, I guess.

Dream Team: this time it's the Girls!

HOPES for Updates. :D CREDITS to the unnies who Uploaded these pics in AsianFanatics!


13 comments on “Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2: Who is the True Ace?

  1. Takit says:

    The true ace is Choi Minho, the best features, a killer smile, all around my kind of guy, sadly a tab bit tooo old for him, but he has beautful camera ready features…kiss, kiss.

  2. azian says:

    which episode kim hyun joong go to lets go team??

  3. Janette Du Puy says:

    and when hong ki in dream team????

  4. taki says:

    My most favorite in Minho, fabulous camera ready always with a smile to die for just all around my favorite.

  5. mmmm says:

    i love choi minho!!!

  6. mars bars says:

    i actually have a crush on choi minho . i want to marry him!!!

  7. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk XD He always gives his all and he’s keeping the mood up XD

  8. Midori Saranghae says:

    Yah, I found a fancam video of this episode and Minho slammed into the wall during the Sandbag activity and he had to be attended to. But during the episode, they edited it out. x-x

  9. yoojoon says:

    i watch this just coz minho..
    minho oppa fighting…

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